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Shandong sino steel co., LTD. Web site in Hong Kong (hereinafter referred to as the "site") privacy statement, the department of this web site promises to protect the privacy of personal information.Given the nature of the Internet network, this website will be with you, directly or indirectly, the formation of the interactive relationship, so we inform you this web site for your personal information to the collection, use and protection policy, please be sure to read carefully:

A, information collecting, sorting

When you browse, read or download information on this site, the site will be automatically collecting and sorting out to your information, the Internet domain name, user type of browser and operating system, access time, access page), the information will not be used to determine your identity.

Second, the personal data

When you are in this website for user registration, participate in related activities, under your approval and confirm, this website will pass registration forms, order forms require you to provide some personal information.The personal information including name, gender, company name, phone number, email address, etc.Without your consent and confirmation before, in addition to national laws and local regulations and government rules and regulations, this website will not take these personal information provided to any private company.

Third, information security

This website will use the corresponding technology, the personal data provided to you in strict management and protection, to prevent personal information was lost, stolen or altered.To protect personal information, if necessary, this website will be entrusted to the mentioned data corresponding professional and technical personnel, arrange and inform you, if you are not in the notification within the stipulated time take the initiative to express opposition to this website will be presumed you have agreed to.

Fourth, the effectiveness of the information

This website is unable to control or guarantee the accuracy of the information and the link of the website, timeliness and integrity.

Five, user rights

At this site, you the following rights for their own personal information:

Query and request access at any time (a);

(2) at any time request additions or corrections.

(3) request to delete at any time.

According to the rights mentioned above, you can (by email address: [email protected]), at the request of this website will provide relevant services for you.

Six, the disclosure of personal information

When the government authority in accordance with legal procedures require the site to disclose personal information, this website will be according to their requirements or the purpose of the provision of personal data for public security;Any disclosure of this case, this web site are exceptions.

Seven, the protection of the minors' right of privacy

(a) of this web site through the protection of minors' personal data of the computer technology, hereby solemnly declare: any adults under the age of 16 to participate in online activities should be parent or legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as the "guardian") may be subject to consent by the verification.

Protect minors (2) the guardian should bear the primary responsibility of right to privacy under the network environment.

(3) the site think it necessary to collect personal data of the minors, to respond to the specific requirements of the purpose, only one (1) but the reply is deleted from the records, not keep or use the information, and to ensure that will not require minors to provide additional personal data, as a condition to allow its participation in online activities.

(4) without the consent of the guardian, this website will not use the personal information of minors, also won't be disclosed to any third party or transfer.If this site collection guardian or the name of minors, or other network communication data is only to satisfy the requirement of guardian;If the guardian in a certain time to give up this requirement, this website will take the initiative to deleted from the records of such information.

(5) if, with the approval of the guardian, the website can be personal data are collected for minors, and to provide guardian:

1, look at the children's collecting data opportunities;

2, refused to their children or minors under their guardianship for collection or use of personal data is further opportunities;

3, change or delete the children's personal information.

(6) guardian shall have the right to refuse this website with their children or ward for further contact.

Eight, liability,

Apart from the above article 6 of the regulation is a liability, the following situations happened when this website also does not undertake any responsibility:

(a) because you will tell the user password to others or share with others the registration bank account, the resulting any personal data leakage.

(2) any hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, government regulation and other force majeure caused by the personal information leak, loss, theft or tampering, etc.

(3) due to link to other website with this web site personal information leakage and therefore cause of any legal disputes and consequences.

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